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Chef’s Corner

Ιn order to support you with all kinds of culinary information we have established a channel of ongoing, open communication between you and the VIRARDI Chefs.

Our Consulting Chefs, will answer any questions you may have regarding the following:

  • Procedures and HACCP regulations in your kitchen
  • The proper use of your equipment and kitchen utensils
  • Menus and/or recipes
  • Design and ergonomics of your professional working space
  • Special tips
  • Demo Kitchen

Open Communication

We established a channel of on going, open communication.

How we excel


Procedures & Regulations in your kitchen.

Equipment & Utensils

Proper use of your equipment & kitchen utensils

Design & Ergonomics

For your professional working space.

Virardi is great in providing a personal touch that has seen the company climb to the successful position it is now in the catering industry.

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